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I have utterly transformed and made massive leaps in my life!

I had been caught in a long and endless cycle of feeling hopeful, excited, and motivated… then overwhelmed, then despondent… repeat. I had spent so many years wanting to become an artist and gain some traction and some sense of accomplishment, but never really felt like I got anywhere. I felt depleted by my role in nurturing family, and overwhelmed by the tasks of adding becoming an artist to the long exhausting to do list.

Through our sessions, I felt validated in claiming creativity as the deepest and truest purpose in my life. Now, I get into the studio almost every damn day, and show up for my work. I’m *finally* experiencing the forward movement and progress that I’ve been craving in my life after YEARS of feeling stuck.



I now have a deeper knowing and respect for myself, a broader understanding of my values and desires, and an anchored commitment to my own spiritual, emotional and physical health and well-being, no matter what. This was a soft and sweet journey into the truth of what self-care can be.
— Nicole M.

My coaching sessions with Jasmine helped me gain more clarity and confidence.

It was a challenge to be in a transition from being a new mom to stepping back into the business side of things. I was feeling unsure and lacking direction in how I wanted to 'show up' again in the business world, thinking I had to show up as a 'new' person. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all.

Jasmine helped me realized that I already had everything I needed to just show up as 'ME'. That meant going back and re-connecting to the things I already loved and cherished in my life, BEFORE I became a mom. I now regularly practice self-care and honor my needs, and THEN bring that beautiful energy into my business.



My sessions with Jasmine truly helped me translate and ground the mystery of the Sacred Feminine into my own body and way of Being. She held compassionate, sacred space and was a loving mirror as, together, we uncovered and breathed life into authentic pieces of myself that were aching to be embraced and honored.
— Leah R.

Wow, I’m feeling momentum that I haven’t felt in a long time.

Jasmine has a feminine approach that appeals to me so much right now. I came away from our session remembering things I had forgotten and I felt so deeply heard, supported, uplifted and opened. I was reminded of the power of the feminine and that we need each other more than ever right now - for support, for solidarity, and to remember. I believe that was the most in depth, pleasurable and to the point coaching call ever.



I just completed Jasmine’s six session coaching program and I feel more aligned, supported, and aware of my potential than ever before. Jasmine’s ability to hold loving space while also reflecting absolute clarity to me was amazing. She helped me to organize my thoughts, dreams, and goals into tangible actions and perspectives. I am deeply grateful for her inspired guidance at this time in my life.
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My biggest struggle before we started coaching was with confidence.

After our coaching series, I’m more confident and focused. I’m less afraid to take risks when it comes to “putting myself out there” doing work that I love but that may be regarded as fringe or unusual. I’m learning to trust my own instincts, I value myself and time more, and I’m no longer critiquing where I’ve been.

I love working with Jasmine because she’s clear, gentle, inspiring and organized. She honors the whole me, and sees business as deeply personal and intrinsically connected to all of who a person is. She honors a manageable pace, instead of a pedal to the metal approach, and I love that.



Jasmine taught me new methods for saying “no” without guilt or fear. I’ve already started using these at work to positive results. More than just scripts, her methods helped me begin to embody this concept, which ultimately relates to a greater sense of personal power and respect for my boundaries.
— Jen I.
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Her guidance and wisdom regarding boundaries and reminding us of our right to say "NO" is truly revolutionary.

Jasmine is a dear friend, and has been one of my greatest teachers in self care and self love. Many times, I have reached out to her to ask what is the most loving and nourishing choice for me. Silly this isn't obvious for myself so many times. But in a world that has had such disrespect for women and the feminine for 100's of years, we are in a big learning curve to figure out what is best for ourselves as conscious evolving women.



Jasmine holds such sacred and safe space for each woman to explore, unfold, and rest into her trueness in the gentlest of ways.
— Francesa Spinelli
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I am unapologetically in support of my own needs first and foremost.

Before working with Jasmine, I was in the midst of making a decision to end a long-standing friendship. Saying "NO" to that relationship was one of the hardest things that I've had to do in a long time.

Through the work I've done with Jasmine in her "Say No Like a Pro" program, I've learned how to be more confident and grounded in my truth and my values, which allows me to feel more empowered to say no to the things (and the people) in my life that are no longer in alignment. Hitting this milestone is a big win for me and I'm grateful to have had the experience of working with Jasmine to achieve such a goal. Thank you!




This was life changing. Thank you for giving me me!

I can’t thank you enough for what you’re offering through your classes. This is transforming me. I was so hungry for what you shared. I just wanted to offer deep gratitude for this ... thank you sweet sister. The impact of this is tremendous.


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My world has been changed.

If you had ever had an issue with saying “No", this is a course you wouldn’t want to pass up! “Say NO Like a Pro” had elements of a great entertaining movie - the movie of my life being reviewed in a class where I laughed, cried, smiled and winced.

Jasmine created unparalleled camaraderie in the group and set a safe container for my exploration of patterns that did not work in my life. She helped me find solutions that were easily integrated. I have more control over my life, activities and time. Jasmine’s workshop and her legacy will continue to impact the rest of my life. Thank you Jasmine - you’re a life saver!


This course was amazing and helped me to return to more authenticity and my true instincts.

The “Say NO Like a Pro” course teaches you instinctively how to have healthy boundaries and be in your power.

If you’re thinking of joining this class, don't miss it. You can’t imagine how much freedom, worth and power you’ll takeaway from the experience.


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I feel like a weight of obligation and pressure has been lifted, and now I finally have enough life force to honor and meet my own needs.

Since our session, I’ve made a point of paying attention to my own inner voice. I’ve been listening to my gut feelings and saying “no” to things that do not call to me. Honestly, it has felt really good.

I always thought that if I stopped people pleasing, then I would be constantly feeling guilty, but it actually hasn’t been that way at all. It has been nice not feeling drained or resentful that my needs aren’t being met. It’s been a huge shift, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me to awaken that inner wisdom. Our session really did have this amazing ripple effect, and helped me tune into myself.


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Having the accountability and time set aside to give back to me and my process is priceless.

At the start of our coaching, I had just closed a chapter of my life. It was the first time without a direct life plan and goal for achievement in my career. I struggled with “unexplained infertility”, waves of depression and seeking balance and levity in my life.

As a result of coaching with Jasmine, I’ve felt more direction and accountability to the subtle realms of self care and self love. Without our regular check-ins I would have been less attuned to the magical threads that are manifesting in my life. I’m grateful for the active, attuned listening and nurturing guidance she brings to each session.



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