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I know how amazing you are.

You're kind hearted and generous.

You're really good at getting shit done and taking care of other people's needs.

You're doing all the things you "should" be doing.


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Yet....why do you feel so tired and drained?


Giving more than you have leaves you in a desert.

And honey, you simply can't pour from an empty cup.



When you fill your cup by:

Taking damn good care of YOU

Slowing down enough to hear your own Inner Wisdom

Doing things that make you feel good

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You have more energy and inspiration for the things that truly matter.

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Hi, I'm Jasmine, and my mission is to support women to fill their cups.  

I'm a Self-Care Mentor and Inner Wisdom Coach.  I work with creative entrepreneurs, leaders, and women on a mission who struggle with exhaustion and overwhelm.  

We work together through one-on-one coaching and courses to bring more focus, clarity and ease into everyday life.  

This translates into working less while living more, and enjoying the whole damn ride.


I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed, overstimulated, over-tired and OVER IT!

I lived like that on and off for much of my adult life.  I was confused, somehow thinking I should be different, or should be able to handle it all, then wondered why I couldn't.  

I spent years thinking something must be wrong with me.

Then, after (another) break-up from an exhausting relationship where I wasn't listening to or honoring my own needs, I said ENOUGH!

Something changed and I was no longer willing to sacrifice my self or my truth. I just didn't have the energy for it anymore.  It was time to pay attention to ME.

I began to learn how to practice self-care, to listen to my needs, to get support and to turn to my Inner Wisdom for answers.  It was the only thing that made sense.  

It took years of exploration and devotion, and hot damn it worked!  So now, I share what I've learned about how to practice self-care and listen to your Inner Wisdom with my clients and students.  

I fully believe that when a woman cares for herself, she is a force of (r)evolution



When I’m not coaching, teaching or learning something new, I can be found exploring the wilds of Southern Oregon - via my own two feet or in my purple kayak named Xanadu.  I love to tend the temple of my body through movement, relaxation, and just listening to what she needs.   


Here are 5 fun facts so you know I'm a legit human:

  • Long hot baths over loud parties, deep dives over small talk, and bone broth over dessert.

  • I’ll cry just as easily over a sad movie as I will over gratitude for my amazing life.

  • My smile eats my face, and my laughter can be heard from a mile away - or so I’m told!

  • I’ve been moving my body forever - I’ve been a cheerleader, baton twirler, Nia white belt, hula hoop performer, dancer of many forms, Chien Lung student, and now a lover of yoga and outdoor adventures.

  • On occasion I make a blanket fort and eat dinner and watch movies in it. For real.


My street cred:

  • 20 years of entrepreneurship, with 3 successful businesses under my belt, one still running (Dervish Clothing), the other two sold.

  • BA in Women's Studies + Environmental Studies

  • Certified Beautiful You Academy Life Coach

  • Embodied Leadership training at The Strozzi Institute and with Shakti Rising

  • Certified Sacred Depths Coach

  • Mentor for Her Mystery School


It is my prayer to be of service to the empowerment of women on this planet.



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Wow, I’m feeling momentum that I haven’t felt in a long time.

Jasmine has a feminine approach that appeals to me so much right now. I came away from our session remembering things I had forgotten and I felt so deeply heard, supported, uplifted and opened. I was reminded of the power of the feminine and that we need each other more than ever right now - for support, for solidarity, and to remember. I believe that was the most in depth, pleasurable and to the point coaching call ever.

-Kelly A.

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I wanted confidence to promote my

business and get clients.

Jasmine helped me connect more with the essence of who I am and to realize that I don’t have to hide. I have a unique gift that needs to be shared with the world. I see that the more I do, the more I get back! By the end of our coaching series, I had created a website that looks professional and beautiful (which is what I was going for), and I now have confidence in putting myself out there.

-Camille A.

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